At BAMA Embroidery We can sell you blank caps or caps with your logo on them
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      What is your minimum order amount?

      For blank caps you can order 1 cap (use this website to order)
      For custom caps (caps with your logo on them) minimum order must be 25 caps

      Can I mix models/colours/sizes to make up 25 caps?

      Yes, no worries at all

      What is the price for a cap with my logo?

      With custom work (caps with logos on them) each job is different because each job has its own unique specifications such has cap model, cap quantity and logo design.
      We price each job as it is presented to us so we can offer a set price for that job based on the specifications required.

      How long does it take to get my custom caps?

      All custom jobs are done right here in Australia so we can offer quick production times. Normally we can supply custom caps within 2 weeks.
      When you order we can give you an exact production time based on our current workload at the time of the order.

      Can I get a sample of the cap before I purchase so I can make sure it is the cap I want?

      Yes, no worries at all.
      Just purchase the cap you require from this website.

      Can I get a sample of the cap & my logo before I purchase?

      Yes, no worries at all.
      We will explain the options available to you when you place the order.

      Can you design my logo?

      No. At this time we don't offer an in-house logo design service.

      How do a get a quote for a cap with my logo?

      Use the contact us page on this website